Fett's Ninja Mastering!

Learn to professionally master your own recordings.

Do your recordings have the
to stand out above the crowd?

Are you a songwriter, composer, or independent artist who does your own recording?  Do you wish your recordings had that professional, "finished" sound that you hear on commercial CDs and on the radio?

Let's face it: today's music world is extremely competitive! And your recordings aren't just competing with other indies like yourself; they’re competing with major labels, publishers and music libraries.

​Things like a great song, a great performance — even a great recording and mix — simply aren't enough any more. There’s just SO MUCH incredible music out there.

So how can you give your recordings the extra edge they need to reach out and grab the listener's attention, rise above the fray, and compete in today’s music marketplace?

Often, the difference is mastering.

Mastering...?  Huh...?

But what if you don't know how to master a recording, or even know what "mastering" is?  Where do you even start?

It used to be that mastering was a secret, voodoo-like world at the top of the music production pyramid, the purvey of a privileged few.  And back then, only major labels could afford to have their recordings mastered, by a professional "mastering engineer" at a "mastering house."  If you were an indie or self-produced... well, your options were limited.

News flash: Times have changed! 

Today, YOU can get that same top-quality "mastered" sound by doing it yourself... if you know how.  

​Yep, that's right. You can learn to master your own recordings — to "be your own mastering engineer" — and save yourself thousands of dollars in future mastering costs.

But keep in mind that there's good mastering and not-so-good mastering.  You want to learn the good kind.

It's Not About Getting More Gear —
Or "Turning Everything Up To 11"

Good mastering is not as simple as going out and buying a bunch of new "mastering gear" and watching a few tutorial videos from the gear manufacturers.  

And despite what you might have been told, truly effective mastering is definitely not about simply making the volume of all of your recordings as "loud" as possible.  

And it's not about slapping a "mastering processor" plug-in on the stereo master of your mixing project in your DAW.  

Good mastering is a LOT more than that.  

Fortunately, YOU can learn to master well. In your own studio. On your own gear. And compete with "the majors."

What you need is a seasoned pro who can show you—step by step—exactly what you need to do to get that professional, competitive, "sweetened" sound and to give your final product the extra edge that it deserves. 

What you need is my
Ninja Mastering Program!

So, What's A Fett?

For those of you who don't know me yet, let me introduce myself... 

My name is Fett.

That's it. Just one name... Fett. 

I'm a 30-plus-year veteran of the music industry. I'm a musician and songwriter, but mostly I'm an independent record producer and engineer. In that capacity, I've played a role in more than 50 albums and many hundreds of demos and single-song recordings in many different genres and for many different markets​ all over the world. I've worked with both major-label and indie artists. My recordings have been played on radio and been used in film and TV.  So, that's how I've gained the bulk of my experience.

But there are two things that make me different from a lot of other producers and engineers...

First, for seven years I was the Technology Editor for the prestigious Performing Songwriter magazine. That role allowed me to get my hands on, try out, and write about every kind of music gear imaginable. I also was privileged to interview a lot of world-famous producers and engineers — including mastering engineers — and write feature articles about them and their craft. 

Being a Technology Editor at a major music-industry magazine was where I learned that it's not about the technology; it's about how you apply the technology that ultimately makes the difference in the quality and emotional impact of music productions.  And nowhere is that more true than with mastering.

I also had the good fortune of spending several years watching over the shoulder of one of Nashville's most renowned mastering engineers. I've picked up a lot of pro mastering secrets and insights along the way, and I've incorporated them into the projects that I produce for my own clients.

The other thing that makes me different from many other producers and engineers is that I'm also a professional teacher and an RHI-certified coach.  Throughout my career, I've always made it a point to share my knowledge with others. I've helped both amateur and pro musicians, engineers and producers to set up and use their own studios and to record, mix and master their own projects. ​I've taught at the Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAI), Belmont University, SAE Institute, the TAXI Road Rally and SongU.com. I've developed my own online training programs about music production. I've written a popular book, called Fett's Mixing Roadmap. And I've coached a lot of private clients through all aspects of their music production careers.

One thing that my clients and students tell me over and over again is that I am able to explain music production and technology using straightforward, non-technical, non-geeky terms. ​

Don't get me wrong... I can get geeky if you want me to! But I can also explain things in plain English. So anyone can understand.​

Ever Wanted To
Look Over A Pro's Shoulder?...

I believe that, when it comes to learning how to master well, seeing (and of course, hearing) is believing.  That's why I've developed an in-depth, Internet-based program for those who are serious about taking sound and emotional impact of their finished recordings to the highest level.

In essence, you'll get to look over my shoulder as I walk you through my entire MPS Mastering Framework, showing you every step on the screen as it's happening.

In fact, here's just a partial list of what we'll be covering in this program...​

  • What mastering is and why it came about
  • How mastering is different today than in the past, and why
  • Why mastering is a separate process from mixing, and how they differ
  • How to get the most out of the mastering tools that you already have (but might not know it)
  • The “Why” of mastering, not just the “How”
  • The Six Major Components of Mastering
  • Step-by-step, on-screen, live instruction of the mastering process from start to finish
  • Tips for preparing your mixes before mastering
  • Mastering-specific software programs and plug-ins
  • Detailed instruction in Steinberg’s powerful Wavelab mastering and digital editing software
  • Detailed instruction on:
  • Mastering-specific EQ (“tone shaping”)
  • Mastering-specific compression and limiting (“leveling”)
  • Mastering from stems vs. mastering from a stereo mix
  • Audio restoration and repair
  • Sequencing and spacing
  • DC offset and phase checking/correction
  • Stereo widening
  • Finalization and encoding for multiple formats
  • Resampling, upsampling and downsampling
  • Normalization and dithering
  • Special effects applied during mastering

So, How Does It Work?...

My Ninja Mastering Program is available as a Home Study version,
and here's what you can expect...

  • Master-class Level Instruction. Ninja Mastering isn't a surface-level skim of the basics of mastering. It's a comprehensive, real-world, in-depth examination of every step of the mastering process, using the Six Major Components Of Mastering from my MPS Mastering Framework.
  • Video Lessons Delivered Online. Each is delivered to you as a series of video lessons that you can access with any secure network connection. But you don't have to be available at a specific day or time to be "in class." Instead, you can watch each video on your own time and at your own pace. 
  • Hands-on, Hear-for-yourself Exercises. The best way to really learn something and make it stick is to do it yourself. So, many modules also include suggested exercises that relate to the module's material so you can try out the techniques for yourself and reinforce what you've just learned.
  • Access ALL Materials for At Least One Year. Don't have time to keep up with all the videos right now? No worries. Even after you've gone through the modules for the first time, you'll be able to access ALL of the materials for at least one year. Watch them as many times as you want. In fact, I encourage it—there's a ton of material to absorb, and sometimes the best way for it to sink in is through repetition. 
  • Sample Audio Files are Provided For You. To ensure that everyone is starting from the same place, I provide all students with copies of the same full-resolution, stereo mix files. These mixes are from real-world projects, recorded for commercial purposes, in a variety of styles. So, you'll be able to focus on just mastering! After all, this is a program about mastering, not about recording or mixing. Of course, you are encouraged to apply all of the techniques you learn to your own mixes as well. But to participate in this program, it's not required. 
  • Get Even More Insight From Past Q&A Call Recordings. In previous versions of this program that I taught live, I conducted group Q&A calls where the students and I had lively, interactive discussions about a variety of topics related to the course materials. Well, I recorded all of those calls to high-quality MP3 files that are available to you for streaming and download, so even in this Home Study version of the program, you get the benefit of hearing other students' questions—and my answers to them as well. And just like the videos, you can re-visit these recordings again and again.
  • Private Facebook Forum. You'll also be granted access to a private Facebook forum set up just for students of this program. This is a great place to share tips, ask questions, compare mixes and generally communicate with your peers. 

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See What Some of My
Previous Students & Clients Say...

Michael Wilson www.michaelwilsonproductions.com

Fett has done it again. His Ninja Mastering course is nothing short of amazing, informative and educational. His presentation is top notch and easy to follow. The material is complete and contains all the necessary ingredients to Master your projects from start to finish. My head is still spinning but in a good way...I now have the confidence to put the final touches on my recordings that will make them sound professional. Thanks Fett.

Donna Whitmore Thurmont, MD

Fett's Ninja mastering has provided exactly what I need to understand and practice all I need to do to get my mixes ready for the next step. The course fully covers mastering with your existing DAW. If you want to explore other plugins/software, the course covers many of the current DAW plugin options in detail. There's nothing like learning by watching over the shoulders of a mastering pro who is explaining every thought and move he is doing in the process. This course is OUTSTANDING as are all the other music production courses I've taken from Fett at Azalea Music. I highly recommend this course!

Bob Lantis Asheville, NC

Kudos to you for an amazingly great presentation and body of material...You are providing the best guidance on recording that anyone could receive, short of years of apprenticeship. I've very much enjoyed many of your personal "pointers" and "secrets" that you've gleaned over the years... Thanks!

Milton Gunzburg Los Angeles, CA

It's very rare to get the opportunity to sit alongside a mastering engineer, who explains step by step, how the process works.
What better opportunity than to sit alongside Fett, who has done this, and in his abundant videos and home assignments, gives students the tools to work from, in great detail, for a professional master. For starters, I was made aware of the RMS levels between songs, for a minimal gain level, without going over an acceptable headroom level for processing. It really opened up my ears, greatly. I would recommend this Ninja Mastering course to anyone that needs to do it themselves, and get professional results.

Xave Ryan Dubin, Ireland

To become a mastering engineer takes years of experience right? So doing a quick course in mastering is probably not worth doing . To be honest when Fett first announced he was thinking of running this course that's exactly what i thought. I am still trying to learn the art of mixing properly so it seemed i would be biting off more than I could chew. But when I read through the list of things we would cover it was just too good to miss out on. And besides, once you sign for the course you get access to all the videos so you can keep going over them at your leisure.

So I went for it and boy was it a great decision. I'm not going to give away any trade secrets here but even at a very basic level I have learned some really brilliant yet simple steps to really put some polish on that demo. Fett is incredible at his craft and is well respected within the music industry. What Fett brings to the table is not just a skill set but a fantastic ability to impart knowledge. On the course you get access to the videos he makes. Sample tracks to download and work with. Conference calls which are recorded so you listen back as often as you want. He sets up a private Facebook page so everyone on the course can either ask questions or have discussions. Fett will normally go through all the questions during the conference calls as well as posting answers directly on the FB page. I honestly don't know of ANYWHERE else you would get all of that. Check it out yourself. Take a look at some other courses and they will usually just be comprised of a set of videos to download. OK, you won’t be a mastering engineer working on Jason Aldean's next album but you will certainly be putting some really great finishing on your songs.​


Jim Fiegen www.3jazz3.com

I learned an incredible amount of knowledge not available anywhere else about mixing and mastering my own music. Thanks for your information about reverb and mixing. I used it in a mix today and loved the results.

Michael Duell www.reflectiononline.com

Fett, your Ninja Mastering Course is FANTASTIC! I’ve been involved in recording, mixing and mastering for business and home based studio for a long time. You have put together

a very comprehensive course full of excellent detail
– just the right amount of detail based on your years of experience. You are one of the best teachers I’ve ever learned from and you provide an enormous amount of knowledge for both the novice and experienced student. Always keeping the class interesting and filled with your great sense of humor! I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it will be a foundation for all my recording work for years! Thanks Fett!



Rick Patrick www.themusicgroup.biz

I first met Fett at N.S.A.I. Songposium in Nashville in 2007, He taught a class on mixing. I have been a fan ever since. I have taken all of his classes including Ninja Mastering. He has a way of instructing that is very easy to understand and it's easy to see that he loves what he does. Keep up the good work Fett.

Adam Sickler Boston, MA

I really enjoyed hearing your work and learning techniques for being a better engineer. Your perspective and methods are very useful when thinking about not just mixing and engineering, but how to go about writing and arranging my songs to make for a better end product.


Matt Bruner www.mattbruner.com

Your classes on recording and mixing were amazing. I walked out pleased with how much I already knew, shocked at how much I had just learned, and motivated to run home and get started! [Your suggestions] helped immensely! The enthusiasm, professionalism and down-to-earth friendliness you brought to the classroom was inspiring.


Alex Mayzlin www.amayzlin.com

I bought and read your book, and gotta say, this is one of the best books on Mixing I've ever read. I swallowed it in two days (and I am not an aggressive reader). All information given is straight to the point, no BS. Everything just makes sense. Love the comedic spin on things. What I loved the most about the book is that whenever different questions popped up in my head as I was reading, in most cases you answered them in the next paragraph. That was totally awesome.

You Get All Of This...

Video Lessons
so you can watch when it's convenient for you

Hands-on Exercises
so you can try out the techniques you are learning

Mix Files Provided
so you can focus on learning mastering

Access For 1 Year
to all of the videos, recordings, and files

Previous Call Recordings
so you can hear live Q&A with previous students

Private Facebook Forum
so you can compare notes & mixes with other students 


But, if you're still not sure my Ninja Mastering Program is right for you,
perhaps this will help...


​I offer a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days of the program! That's right: you get a full month to try out the program, and if you're not completely satisfied for any reason, I'll give you a full refund. You've got nothing to lose!

So, Let Me Ask You This...

How much did you spend on your last guitar? Or keyboard? Or drum set?

How much did you spend on your latest DAW upgrade? Or the newest batch of plug-ins?​ Or that totally awesome, just-had-to-have-it audio interface?

I get it. They're fun. And it's exciting to have new stuff to play with.

But none of these things will get you where you want to go in your music career unless YOU know how to USE them. 

Do something different this year.  Invest in YOURSELF and let the world hear what you're REALLY capable of!

Yes, THIS is My Year for Music...

and I Want to Sign Up for Ninja Mastering!

I look forward to helping you make awesome masters! 

P.S.: I've worked with songwriters, artists, producers, engineers, and composers at ALL levels. You can DO this. And I will help you. Taking your productions to a new, higher level will immediately make a difference in your music and will help you make the impact that your music deserves.


P.P.S.: When you get to the end of this year, will you have made a difference with your music? Will you have reaped the rewards of investing in your growth? And will you have new masters, new placements, new publishing, new libraries or more money to show for it? Or will you be exactly where you are right now?

Take one bold action toward your musical dreams... Sign up for Ninja Mastering! 


Remember: Life Without Music Would Be A Mistake!